1st Batch VTM Puspatri 2004

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1st Batch VTM Puspatri 2004

Post by name_azron on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:21 pm

Salam brother2 smua...

aku ni newbies kt dlm forum ni...kbtln surfing tenet pasal vibration analyst tjumpa forum ni...FYI, aku 1 of d student 1st batch VTM kt Puspatri 2004..mase tu cer kitorng dr VI India....tu citer 6 tahun lepas...aku tgk korang pyer cer lagi bgus..anyway good job guys..
aku knl Wafi ngn Azwan coz diorng practikal kt tmpt aku....cuma sian kt diorng xdpt perform cz job kt ofshore je n xbyk...

it's good for you all to get in touch to each other....for those looking for job, keep hunting....the job is there....
Very Happy


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